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We have a strong belief in and commitment to the power of small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Your engagement with us starts with a free consultation, where we listen to your unique objectives and concerns and determine the best way to proceed.

We can help your business at every stage of its life - from startup to mid-life to when it's time to sell. 




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Areas of Expertise

preparing your business for sale

You've worked hard to make your business successful and now you're ready to sell it. But there's a problem - just because you're ready doesn't mean your accounting and other records are. That's where we come in. Learn more.


FOREIGN companies

ForesightBay Brazil is a separate division that focuses on providing special services for foreign companies that want to establish their business in the United States. We combine the services of all our companies to provide the support your company will need to have a successful entry into the North American market.

business planing

There are only two times when a business needs a business plan - at startup and all the rest of its existance. Operating without one is about driving to an unfamiliar destination with vague directions like turn left at the street across from the yellow house. Your smart phone gives better directions than that and so will a business plan.

nonprofit organizations

Foresight Nonprofit Centers simplifies the process of starting and managing nonprofit organizations. We know that starting a nonprofit, keeping it compliant with federal and state laws, raising funds, and delivering services is a challenge. We can help you. Learn More.

corporation and llc's

One of the first steps of starting a business is to determine its legal form of organization. The three basic forms are corporation, 'S' corporation and limited liability company. You should choose the form you will use carefully, as they each have major tax and legal implications that will last for the life of your business.                                                                               

foreign corporations and llc's

Ready so establish a subsidiary in Florida? We can serve as your Florida registered agent


You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
— Zig Ziglar


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